Kite Co. Chinafinder

1/30/2015 Session Summary

"Dude I DIED!"

Last time on Chinafinder…

  • At Kakita Chieko’s request, The party sailed south to the Kaiu Wall to meet Hida Shinichi
  • Along the way, the group encountered pirates, Shadowlands creatures, and a Spider Clan scouting party.
  • After being escorted to the Wall by Witch-Hunters, the party met the unpersonable Hida Shinichi, who suggested they find somewhere to help where they would not be in the way.
  • The party now must decide how to assist the war effort; will they venture into the Shadowlands to rally the nezumi, help fend off bandits and raise ashigaru levies, ride to call the Unicorn to arms, or make their contribution elsewhere?



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