Kite Co. Chinafinder

2/20/2015 Session Summary

"You're in the same room as him. That's a seduction roll."

Last time on Chinafinder…

  • The party had a disturbing dream that saw the Empress being attacked by the Crane Clan, with the Scorpion rushing to her aid.
  • After awakening, the party was informed that they had been found on the shore by the ronin Aireiko, the Witch-Hunter leader Kuni Zanayo, and the samurai-ko Yoritomo Haruko.
  • The imperial administrator of the Youshanai Isles,Miya Onako, sent the party to collect taxes while helping the Witch-Hunters. The village of Osogane said they had no rice to pay with, but offered a rare original copy of the Book of Sun Tao in place of their taxes.



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